As it is.

I haven’t been able to elaborate these ideas.

After X days, I woke up telling myself – there are things that could be taken as it is and maybe this can be one, sometimes it doesn’t need to be elaborated everytime. So here’s some what-nots over the past few days from my mind and from observations 🍡✌️

β€’ What if our emotions are like crayons that colors our blank state of mind?

β€’ If there’s anything impactful to our lives, except all of this events happening, it’s probably our emotions controlling over us. I think.

β€’ Are emotion a villain? Why does it harm at times? If I may, emotions aren’t villains. At some point, our biases to certain things are.

β€’ Anger makes your world smaller.

β€’ Too much ego and pride makes you dead.

β€’ I’m someone who can’t tune into happiness every time, but I choose joy in everything I experience.

β€’ Relationships are exchanging not changing. Building, not subtracting.

β€’ Our past, regardless of how grave or amazing it is, it will almost not matter if the present is rotting.

β€’ Many may not be rich no matter how hard they work, but the satisfaction in life could be attained.

β€’ Respect isn’t just for those who favor you, but also to those who doesn’t.

β€’ You can always show something else on the outside, but never in the inner you.

β€’ If you believe it, it mostly will.

β€’ Like games, some experiences and items are attained easy, tools we can use to deal and attain the rewards after boss stages. If games were modeled from life, then is Life like a game? πŸ€”

β€’ Languages are either a secret code or a universal key to others.

β€’ If others won’t put in effort, you can’t truly build something with them.

β€’ Don’t make yourself dead by chasing all gold. Remember there are silver and bronze.

β€’ If you are starting to get mad because they didn’t know what you wanted, ask yourself – did I ask or told them what I’ve wanted?

β€’ It would be nice to know the love language of the people we care about, it helps us understand where and how to approach and care for them.

I’m hungry so it’s time to grab a sandwich and formally start my day. Guten Tag!

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